TAZ Construction & Demolition Recycling has been family run and operated since 2010.  We are a local hands-on recycling facility, looking to make our planet greener and reduce the carbon footprint.  Landfills are filling up with construction & demolition debris as well as other wastes. Looking for an alternative, other then land filling construction & demolition debris, we hand separate and recycle the materials that can be reused. Proper management and reduction of the amount of the construction waste that is thrown away can conserve resources and preserve the environment.

We also provide dumpster service at competitive prices for customers, either homeowners or contractors, servicing all your project needs from household clean-out to new home construction and everything in between.  Our friendly and helpful staff will answer any questions that you may have regarding your rental.

TAZ is an IEPA permitted facility.  Over 75% of our inbound materials are recycled in compliance with the EPA Section 22.38. We are local and open to the public from homeowners to general contractors; we are open everyday except for Sunday and all federal holidays.

Recyclable materials we take are:

  • • Shingles
  • • Wood
  • • Drywall
  • • Cardboard
  • • Paper
  • • Plastics
  • • Concrete
  • • Bricks
  • • Asphalt
  • • Dirt
  • • All Metals – Iron, Steel, Copper, etc
  • • Tires – $15 per tire

Materials we can’t take are:

  • • Wet Paint Cans
  • • No Liquids – Gas, Oil, etc
  • • Grass Clippings
  • • Asbestos
  • • Hazardous Liquids

We also provide Demolition services.  From tearing down a shed to the demolition of a home and everything in between, no job is too small or large for us to handle.  We offer competitive pricing and that personal touch from beginning to end – demolition, hauling away and clean-up of the area – we also make sure that all recyclable materials are just that – recycled.  Call us today and see what we can do for you!

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